Performance And Competency Enhancement (PACE)

A. Performance Management Systems (PMS)

Performance Management uses various interventions to ensure that the individual delivers maximum output under given circumstances. Performance management envisages various facets of performance, identifying it’s critical dimensions, planning, reviewing, developing and enhancing performance and related competencies.
The output of PMS consultancy work could be Refined Role Specific Responsibilities, List of Role Specific Performance Requirements, Performance Measurement Methodology, Performance Measurement System and any other requirement of a client organization.

B. Competency Mapping

‘Competency Mapping’ is a process to identify and describe competencies which are very critical for the success in the work of an individual. Many organizations generally ‘maps’ competencies, using ‘core competencies’ or those required for organization success. Due to rapid changes in the economy, every organization has to restructure itself to meet the current needs. The ‘Competency Mapping’ facilitates the process of identifying key competencies for a particular position in an organization, and then use it for job-evaluation, recruitment, training and development, performance management, and succession planning.
The output of Competency Mapping Consultancy work could be Competency Framework, Competency Model, Competency Mapping, Competency Assessment System and any other requirement of a client organization

C. Training Needs Assessment

Training Needs Assessment (TNA) helps in identifying the gap between the required and actual performance of a job. In other words, it helps in identifying capabilities required, both training (in terms of skills and knowledge) and non-training, for performing up to the expected level.
The output of TNA could be a training plan, design brief and also non-training initiatives (supporting factors) that an organization has to address.

D. Organizational Behavioural (OB) & Organizational Development (OD) Training Modules:

SML undertakes designing & conducting customized training modules to the clients.
OB training modules include; Team Performance, Self-Motivation and Positive Attitude, Communication & Persuasion Skills, Conflict Resolution & Negotiation Skills, Leadership for Managing Change, Creativity & Problem Solving Skills, Emotional Intelligence etc.
OD training modules include; Training Needs Analysis, Performance Management, Management of Training, Competency Mapping, Training of Trainers etc.


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